Vibrational Frequency

As I learn more and more about energy, vibration and frequency, I practice feeling deeper and deeper into the areas of my life I desire change or want to cultivate new characteristics in myself.


The outside world teaches me to observe and play with energy… what am I seeing out there? And how does it relate to what’s going on in here.


I notice as my vibration is heightened and lowered. I notice the types of people places and things I attract when I am in either state (high/low) or vibration.


I have learned its neither good nor bad… it just is something to begin to notice within myself and feel into.


From there, I can decide which one feels better to me in any given moment and work my way into a different vibration if need be.


I learned a while back that I can’t control how others see me and more importantly perceive me… even though there was a time I tried.


I finally accepted I wouldn’t be everyone’s cup-a-coffee- even though there was a time I tried to be that too.


And how painful it was to try to fit into other people’s boxes… also, how liberating it was to not try anymore- then, the real practice came… who am I without other peoples ideas of me forming that version of the self I see?

And then, the real me (soul aligned me) began to emerge little by little.


What I realize now is that I AM responsible for my energy, motives, intentions, and vibration.


I am the one who controls me and what I do, think, act and say- which also means I am 100% accountable + responsible for my choices. No one to blame.


There’s a saying: What others think of me is none of my business (not sure who said it?). What IS my business is what I think of me (I added this part, hehe).


It took me a long time to fully integrate this message and the depth of it…


Others will perceive us through the lens of their own experiences and perceptions… if they are not living in alignment with their truth- it will either inspire them or trigger them- that we are.


If its easy (or looks that way) for us to envision what we want, ask for it, make a plan to get there and then watch it manifest into the physical… there will always be someone to say oh, look at them they’re soooooooooo lucky… they always get what they want! (google The Iceberg Illusion)


If I think another is not living in integrity, they may be highlighting an opportunity for me to ask myself AM I living in integrity in ALL areas of my life? Turn it back inward.


Pointing the finger out there leaves three other fingers pointing back at you!


You see it could go either way… we may become triggered by another because we are not fully living into our highest potential timeline and we think they are (and it kinda pisses us off, because really we’re capable of it too) they highlight for us… or they may reflect to us some places we need more healing and a deeper dive to sort out some old wounds we’re carrying (and didn’t realize until now).


Either way its ok and nothing to beat yourself up over… whatever the case may be… it’s never really about them.


The physical world is always reflecting back to us our current level of vibrational frequency. Notice it, observe it, and play with it. Have fun BE-ing energy.


If you don’t like where you are change it. If you like where you are hang out there a while and see what it has to teach you. Either way, learn from it.


We don’t attract what we want (unless its truly soul aligned) we attract what we are.


And also…


It’s ok to change your mind at any given time about anything at all. Just like that!


Until we meet again, don’t quit your daydreams and ALWAYS follow your fun!


Love + Peace + Sunshine