Resonance and Non- Resonance

Sometimes you meet a person or people and you instantly click… You love them on a deep soul level and the why isn’t necessary to know, you just do.


Then, as time goes on… you learn.


Learn more about yourself through them. They are there to teach you and you them.


They teach you where you’re hanging on too tight, limiting yourself and where you need more growth.


They expose new layers of yourself to you… depths you didn’t even know existed. Facets you haven’t yet explored… and you go deeper.


Not necessarily with them but with yourself.


And sometimes very quickly they start to feel different in relationship to you. And its not that they or you did anything… although your mind may be telling you a different story.


We simply fall out of resonance with people, and sometimes, rather quickly.


It’s neither their fault nor ours. It just IS.


I have found, for me, through years of resisting this vibrational rule… that its better to back away and go within than force myself to be around someone that I have fallen out of resonance with.


Believe me, I’ve tried to force resonance and it hurts.


 I know it hurts me and it probably hurts them too… if they’re aware of the emotions/feelings connection.


Maybe the alignment comes back and maybe it doesn’t… maybe they have served their purpose in your life and you in theirs.


Maybe it’s time for them to learn from someone else and you as well, and not take this non-resonance personally… that is something I did for years.


I have learned that holding onto something isn’t going to bring back the alignment.


Contracts end in life… like real life binding contracts.


The consulting job, lease agreement, or a marital commitment.


Why should it be so different to believe our contracts with other souls end too?


I’ve learned through time to recognize that I don’t have to make them the bad guy when the resonance ends… I can freely walk away while holding love and gratitude for them in my heart.


I’m practicing recognizing this feeling (non-resonance) in relationship to others and thinking in terms of resonance and non-resonance rather than like or dislike.


I practice observing how it (non-resonance) shows up in my body, my behavior, my thoughts, and actions.


I’m practicing recognizing this and adjusting accordingly, not expecting them to change a thing. Its MY responsibility to go deeper within my-own-self.


 I practice maintaining integrity and authenticity to myself by honoring the end of resonance or contract from a space of neutrality.


Even though sometimes it hurts… especially if you weren’t the one who was ready for it to end (resistance).


Acceptance is peace.


Accepting that the plan is divinely coded for your highest potential outcomes and theirs’ helps… reminding myself that we are ALL right where were meant to be in every moment is helpful too.


My question to you is… how does this show up for you,

end of contracts or resonance with another?


Do you feel it in your body? Your spirit? Your emotions? What does your process look like?


I think for me, it comes back to core beliefs and what I was taught growing up about love, connection and relationship.


Unlearning some of the unhealthier perceptions I picked up and integrating updated belief systems, so I can be more present and comfortable in today.


Curious to hear from you!


Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts on resonance and non-resonance.


Love+ Peace+Sunshine