Letting Go...

How gracefully do YOU let go of things not meant for you?


When to “let go” has been a challenge for me my whole life.


I'm a tenacious little crab and I hold on dearly (sometimes too tight) to everything I love, “think” I love or “should” love.


Never really acknowledging WHEN to let go.


Do we ever really recognize when to let go or is there some imaginary line we find ourselves having crossed over and then we realize WHOA its time to let go… sometimes years later.


Maybe after we’ve been carrying something super long and super heavy… but we don’t realize it until after we’ve let go exactly how heavy it was.


I’ve tried to keep things around that at one time brought me joy… not really stopping to evaluate if it was now bringing me joy or if it was just a habit to hold onto.


I’ve stayed in relationships (even friendships) way too long after their expiration date came and went… either because I didn’t want to hurt them or I didn’t want to feel the pain of breaking that comfortable routine that I had “them” associated with.


So each day I practice recognizing WHEN to let go.


For me, it’s still a blurry line to see with my eyes… I’ve found it’s easier to feel in my body.


When my heart feels most open I feel happy, expansive and in love with life… this happens when I am fully surrendered and not carrying anything heavy (emotionally, mentally).


Then, when I notice my breathing is shallow, my neck is tight, or I’m getting super judgy about “them”



...that’s when its time to stop, get quiet, and go within.



Ask myself… what do I need to let go of?



The answers are always very interesting and sometimes not what I thought at all.



How do you guys let go of things not meant for you?


Is it graceful?



Do you recognize it right away and just do it (like NIKE) or is it like prying your fingers out of the claws of a crab?



I’m curious as to what this process of “letting go” looks like for you all.


Feel free to share in the comments and as always:


Don’t quit your daydreams and ALWAYS Follow Your Fun! 💖✌🏼🌞