On Shedding old skin...

Happy ALL-most full moon Shine Tribe (full moon this Saturday March 31st).

It's hard to believe March is almost over but I can truly say I have received some of the most challenging times this March and feel like I've been through the washer (all cycles on high speed) and in a MAJOR way I have. 

I have had the gift to witness some of my darkest shadows coming up this March that I have experienced in a long time and received the opportunity to practice loving myself through them. 

Sometimes it was gracefully done and other times it looked messy, gross, disgusting and it was a downright challenge to LOVE myself through them. 

Here's the thing- if I can't love me through my darkest shadows I can NEVER receive that kind of love from another. I just simply wouldn't be available for it.

So I pratice on myself with myself all day everyday... and through the reflections of ALL my relationships with others I am gifted the opportunities to practice. 

Turning everything I see OUT THERE back inside and asking myself why do you see it that way?

Is it true? Is that (whatever THAT may be) inside you?


Is it old patterning thats ready to be shed?

This moon cycle has been nothing short of ILLUMINATING and as we come into the full moon I now know I have another round of deep releasing to shed. 

Shedding old skin is never comfortable. It's sometimes ugly and challenging to let go of the parts of ourselves that have served us for so long (but are no longer needed). 


Once again I find myself ready to let go, surrender into the unknown and walk forward slightly with butterflies of excitement and nervousness for what lies ahead... because

I truly don't know where this next level of shedding will take me...


I DO KNOW WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING... it will be somewhere magnificent. It will be paradise. It will be better than I could've ever imagined because the whole universe is on my side. 

It's on ALL of our sides!

We are supported, we are carried, we are stretched and then we make it out the other side better, brighter and more radiant than ever!!!!

If this moon cycle or March has challenged you in new and exciting ways, brace yourself Shiny ones, because you are just experiencing another up-leveling of your life and its gonna be more amazing than you could've ever imagined.

You're gonna pop through the other side of the full-moon FULLY- Illuminated.

I'm sure of it. 

In the meantime don't forget how much I LOVE YOU ALL and am holding love in my heart for each and everyone of you. ALL DAY EVERY DAY!