Follow Your Fun---

People ask me what I do… I follow my fun. And following your fun takes a tremendous amount of courage.


… is the first phase of my journey and its here for you- if you want to know more just click the link.


You can’t label it, explain it, or name it because to do that would be to limit it, box it in and stifle its potential for greatness. Labeling IS limiting.


It looks different in any given NOW moment. And it often goes against the grain. It’s not fluffy- its quite a challenge and it take vigilance, perseverance, awareness, tenacity active surrender (absolute trust in a higher wisdom), and deep levels of unconditional self-love.


I would say following my fun IS my ULTIMATE spiritual practice daily.


I hear a lot of people saying I would like to find my purpose in life… I would like to know what I’m meant to do… and I would say YOU already KNOW.


And YOU’re already doing it, in some form or another. The things that FEEL good to you are  IT- your purpose.


I have a day job (which I love) and a daydream (which I love also). I feel deeply passionate about both and why is that?


I’d say simply because I am living my purpose in and through everything I do.


I realized we don’t have to go searching out our purpose it IS part of our everyday life.


I came here to love, to help others, and to empower others to remember they too can and are doing this NOW.


Where are you currently?


Are you bringing the light to that place? I mean how are you showing up? What is going on inside of you? Do you know? Are you aware of yourself?


In order to inspire others we have to FIRST know ourselves, deeply. And since this is continually evolving we must KEEP doing the work all day everyday on ourselves.


I have said this before and I’ll say it over and over again… the journey to self mastery is the journey I’m on.


I have learned you can never master another (and why would I want to) being present to my fluctuating tides and currents are MORE than enough to keep me busy. Hehe…


And just when I think I’ve mastered myself- I awaken again, into a new and deeper reality of NOW Meegan. It’s an amazing process and absolutely beautiful.


And sometimes it’s messy, and challenging and it hurts at times too. But this is just what it’s like for me…. What it’ll be like for you is different and that’s your experience to discover.


I lay out some tools in my first-ever (one of many to come) released digital program, that help empower, inspire and challenge you to go and grow to new heights.


Plus, we get do it together, as a group. And this is FUN!


Feel free to check it out and if you want to join us on the journey to self-mastery, I welcome you along.


See you in the group!


Remember you’re already living your purpose if you woke up today!


Bring awareness to everything you do and pay close attention to the energy (how you feel) you’re bringing to every NOW moment. This indicates your current vibration.


If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me, I am beyond excited to share!


Ps don’t quit your daydream and ALWAYS Follow Your Fun!