They're not doing anything to you- they're doing it for you!

They’re not doing anything to you- they’re doing it for you… here’s what I mean.


I have this person in my life (who I love) usually the people that trigger us the most belong to our soul family or soul group. So this person has been triggering me lately.


Here’s the thing about triggers… they are there to teach us! It’s not about what “they” did… that’s a waste of time. Here’s what I like to do when I’m triggered.


I go straight to my journal (or meditation pillow) and here’s the process I used for this particular trigger:


I wrote…


God, (higher power, goddess, universe, angels- whatever, your choice here but have something greater than yourself to go to) This person is triggering my anger, my irritability, and annoying me.


God, please take these feelings of anger, annoyance and irritability that I feel toward your child from me and show me the area this person is reflecting to me so I can get clear and feel better. I would like to see this person from the eyes of love now.


What are they teaching me?


And then I free write… which means I just allow whatever comes through to come through.


Sooooo… in my writing it came through that I felt this person was speaking to me with an ulterior motive… That they were not being clear with me, honest with me or open with me.


So then I turn inward: here comes the lesson… Meegan where are YOU not being clear, open, and honest in your interactions with others?


Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeaaaahhhhh that burns a little. It makes my heart pulsate a little to view myself from this perspective But no one ever said this path and this journey to self mastery was gonna be easy. But I am committed to doing the work and the work constantly presents itself in new and exciting ways.


And here comes the gift… I get to love myself anyway! I get to love myself through my dishonesty, unclearness, and closed-off-ness. I get to see that I am practicing all these things everyday all day and I get to love myself THROUGH my imperfections and get to thank others for their part in my journey of showing me where I need more practice.


And I can thank them. AND MEAN IT! Because its not easy to be someone else’s lesson either. It all takes courage. A tremendous amount of courage!


Don’t forget you may be someones teacher, lesson, and gift all in one but its YOUR job to do the work.




Thank you person for being my teacher, lesson and my gift.


Love you guys- happy LOVE day EVE!