Cotton Candy Colors...

Thank you God, for today. This is how all my days start out, me thanking my higher power for one more day alive to do his work on earth.

 In those moments while I’m just waking up and thanking God for my warm bed, home and pup by my side the magnitude of gratitude sometimes hasn’t fully hit me yet.

 I had an amazing experience this morning, after getting my meditation done, finishing up my readings, my walk and morning mantra- my son left for the bus and I turned off espn (he likes to watch that in the morning).

 I was sitting there in silence and stillness praying to God to direct me this day. I asked to be led in my thoughts, words and actions. I was talking to him as I often do about a few things going on in my life and suddenly I felt the overwhelming presence of my mother in the room.

 I was sitting at the table that was hers and passed to me when she left this world.

 All my life I’ve been very sensitive energetically, I didn’t always view this sensitivity as a gift and for most of my life this caused me problems trying to drown out the extrasensory noise.

 Today, I am grateful for my gift of sensitivity. I feel deeply, I experience deeply and that also means I hurt deeply when I am hurt.

 So as today began, it was quiet and still and I was talking to God about everything. Thanking him for being there always, even when I feel disconnected.

 I was explaining that even when I feel these times of disconnect I realize its not because I am disconnected from my source- today I realize those moments are precious teachers I can use to ask myself what’s gone out of alignment in my life that has made me feel off. It’s a gauge and not something I have to fix.

 I realize I can turn all my attention back to my source and into self awareness and be led just like a child right out of the uneasiness I am feeling in that moment. A correction takes place when I am willing to show all my “stuff” to God.

 I have found that when I am willing enough to humbly sit down and ask God for help or even just talk to him like a friend, he leads me right out of darkness and back into the light, immediately.

 So as I looked up (because I was deep into conversation) I noticed THE most beautiful cotton candy colors floating throughout the room. These were the colors that angels travel within, so beautiful, so angelic, so peaceful.

 I knew he had heard my prayers as he always does and if I wait long enough in the stillness he sends me a tell tale sign I’ve been heard (today I asked for a sign & received it).

 I had to walk out and take a picture (posted above), which is never as beautiful as the actual moment but you can get an idea.

 And it all hit me in that moment of magnificent, beauty how blessed we all are. How absolutely beautiful and perfectly designed this world, this life is.

 I am grateful today for my overly sensitive super power and the ability to let it run in all its glory not to be stifled, numbed or dismissed.

 These moments of beauty (sunrises, sunsets, moon nights, etc.) are the things that remind me how thin the space is between here and other realms. How in these thin spaces we can perceive and feel everything if we open up to it.

 We are perfectly led to every spiritual experience our soul is ready to have at that moment in time if we allow it.

 Wishing you all so much love + light and may you always be aware + grateful for your God given super powers that help you see and sense cotton candy colors and beyond.


 With Gratitude, love and light-