The Ocean Tides

Somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic and further along into the Caribbean Sea, something finally began to shift in my heart. The further I got from shore, letting go became an option and a new level of clarity was upon me. I heard the whispers in the wind and felt new warmth against my skin.

 Along the horizon I found a new hope for my life while insight unfolded wave-by-wave and day-by-day.

 In the depths of the ocean I was able to dive into the deepest most pure and unconditional parts of my own heart to connect to lessons and love that only solitude and time away from the world could provide.

 I began to accept that I couldn’t rush my healing. It will occur in layers, in laughter and tears, in anger and frustration but in its own sweet time it WILL occur. And it is my divine purpose to accept, honor and trust every moment of the journey.

 My heart showed me that the right people for every moment would be there- some would be a reason, some a season, and others a lifetime. I didn’t get to choose who was who. I wasn’t to chase those who walked away, for I learned their part in my story was over. With   radical acceptance and gratitude for the lessons, a little more space around my heart was cleared.

 I was shown a secret on the high sea… I’d heard it before but when you’re in the midst of your deepest, darkest times you sometimes aren’t willing to listen and it takes a deep, gut wrenching heartbreak to teach you a lesson that’s been trying to come through for decades. Often, you’ll get bits and pieces of the lesson then finally, it hits, one thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning. –James Russell Lowell

And you learn, right then, what all these things have meant.

 The secret to inner peace is allowing every situation to be what it is, instead of what we think it should be.

 Letting life unfold and choosing to see the gifts it has to offer is an all day everyday practice, discipline and a process.

 I was shown that words can deceive but energy tells no lie, energy is true and authentic. Pay attention to that and you will not be led astray. Trust yourself, my heart whispered; you always know what is true and right for you. TRUST.


 Love + Light