People aren't mean, they're just wounded

Recently, I was in a meeting and the energy turned rather quickly when one woman stated that people were mean and we live in a mean world. I saw others shaking their heads in agreement. Because of the work I do, which is guiding people to remove the blocks that stand in the way of them living a life beyond their wildest dreams, I immediately perked up.

 Since this would not have been the time or place to ask each one who I saw nodding if they’d like to book a free 30 minute clarity session with me to explore how we can debunk this belief. I sat there silently remembering when I too believed this.

 In each one of them, I saw myself. In each one of them, I saw the fear I used to carry about life being an unkind place.

 I remembered in that moment how much I limited myself by carrying around a story. I thought of how many times I cut myself off from awesome stuff happening by believing things had to look a certain way.

 I now believe people aren’t mean. I believe they are wounded and the more wounded people are the more they act out in inappropriate ways.

 Wounded people have allowed their experiences to define them rather than learning from them. This doesn’t make the world a mean place it just makes the world full of wounded people running around.

 I think back to all the times I carried this belief and how the universe never failed to deliver that which supported my belief.  I didn’t know back then how powerful our thoughts are. What we give attention and energy to, we create in our lives.

One of my spiritual teachers, Marianne Williamson states in A Return to Love (one of my favorite books) anything that is not love, is a call for love. This one sentence alone has helped me in understanding it’s not a persons true character that is off its there experiences that have forced them to live through a fear based belief system.

 That one sentence alone helps me to cut people (or myself) some slack when they act less than loving. 

I remember:

 1.  I can see myself in them, living in a fear-based reality of my own making.


 2. Don’t take anything personal it’s about where they are in that moment. Send them love and keep on moving.

 I no longer hold images how I think things should look which limits their ability for their natural magnificence to unfold and I no longer believe this world is an unsafe place.

 When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.


Love + Light




ps If you would like to book a free 30 minute clarity coaching session to bust through some blocks comment below and I will reach out to you.