The Art of Allowing

On the surface it would appear the words allow and accept have very similar definitions. Lately I have found a distinct difference in the two after practicing the art of allowing.

 When I first started to consider the difference in these two words, I really dissected the serenity prayer. God grant me The Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

 For some reason, to me, accept felt like I didn’t have a choice in the matter. I felt a little powerless with that word.

 I substituted the word accept for the word allow and I began to see my life open up in a whole new light. There are many things I have trouble accepting but to allow them, for some reason, gave me space to breath. It made me feel more liberated.

 By changing that one little word, I was somehow able to settle into the uneasiness that is sometimes life in the moment, or life on life’s terms.

 To me, accept sounds like I’m being forced to do something (which I DO NOT like) and when I allow I feel as though I’m giving myself permission to be exactly as I am in that moment.

 I have started to practice the art of allowing in all my affairs. I allow myself to be at peace. I allow myself to be challenged. I allow myself to feel serenity and I also allow myself to feel uneasy.

 Allowing myself to feel is a practice for me. Allowing myself to be in the space I’m in is a practice for me. Not rushing through the messy stuff to get to the good stuff is actually quite awesome. It makes me appreciate everything more. I am experiencing a whole new level of gratitude.  

 This new allowance of “me” as I am has given me a new space and freedom from which to live my life. I invite all of you to practice the art of allowing and to explore how these two seemingly similar words can have such a contrast in meaning when they are looked at and experienced more deeply.

 What is the energy these words carry for you? How will you allow your life to be in this moment? Does allowing bring you more peace or would you rather accept?

 Feel free to comment below and share with everyone ways in which you allow or accept your life on life’s terms.