Spider crawled into my dream last night… she made her appearance after coming out of a sac like holder… it was gooey and gross… but I woke up feeling deeply moved and grateful for her presence. 


She is the feminine… the dream weaver… the teacher… she shows me the shadow, my shadow but also reminds me to check the opposite of the shadow… she brings awareness to the polarities in our lives and inspires me to check my balance… the shape of her body represents infinite possibilities of creation and her 8 legs represent the four winds of change and the four directions on the medicine wheel. She teaches us to look past this physical world and pay attention to the subtleties that are beyond our senses.


Recently, someone from my past re-appeared in my life,  planetary retrogrades do that sometimes… allow us an opportunity to look back at our past with a different light… this person reminds me of who I “think” I used to be… or maybe in part who I still am.  Maybe that’s what spider was teaching me… that all these aspects that I used to “think” were so bad and I tried to rid myself of are really not that bad at all it was just the way I was looking at them under a certain light.


I began to think of this recent exchange differently… how can I look at my shadows, what I think is good or bad and notice how they once served me? Not be in fear of them or wish they weren’t there but recognize them and allow them to become part of my story not my shame. 


That little shift in allowing myself to see things differently gave me a whole new perspective and a lot more peace.


The truth is we ALL have darkness… it sometimes gets activated in the most inopportune times… and sometimes it controls us… rather than serving us… but it isn’t all waisted time… we can learn from that and we can change the way we look at it at any time.


 The darkness is a powerful teacher and it has beautiful things to share if we are courageous enough to look in its direction with willingness and an open heart.


Witnessing and integrating my own darkness helps me to be more compassionate when I witness the darkness in others. It also helps me to reframe my thinking around the parts of my past that I deem too shameful or unworthy to share with the world… like I said, we all have darkness within… but we also have light and it’s how we choose to allow them both to serve our growth that really matters.


Until we meet again remember, anything is possible so don’t quit your daydreams and always follow your fun!