Warrior or Worrier?

Every storm has a divine purpose… and being a Warrior or a Worrier will determine if you make it out the other side.



I think we all know what a WORRIER is so for this article, lets focus on the attributes of the WARRIOR:



A Warrior is creative and takes a positive stance… they focus on the good in life, the lessons in life, and a creative solution out of the storm for the greater good of ALL involved.



A Warrior takes a step back to gain a wider perspective… it’s difficult to see the whole picture and all the players when your standing smack dab in the middle of the storm.



A Warrior takes a pause, prays, asks for guidance and meditates to hear the answer… in other words they connect to a power much greater than themselves to be led out of the storm.



A Warrior is introspective; they view themselves and others from many different angles in order to gain insight then handle the situation so that it benefits not only themselves but also others in the process.


A Warrior feels ALL their feelings pertaining to the storm without attaching and getting stuck in any of them.



A Warrior is nurturing; they know how to be a loving parent to their own inner child and they love themselves wholly and unconditionally through it all.



A Warrior takes one moment at a time- they don’t project themselves into the future or the past. They’re extremely present in the NOW.



A Warrior changes what they can, accepts what they can’t and they possess (or cultivate) the wisdom to see the difference.



These are just some attributes of the Warrior… So, I ask you today are you a WARRIOR or a WORRIER?



It makes all the difference in whether you make it out the other side of the storm or get swallowed up in it.





Until we meet again, remember: Anything is Possible so Don’t Quit Your Daydreams and ALWAYS Follow Your Fun!











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