Journey of the Soul

The journey of the soul is an intense one; but the path of reawakening to the truth about myself is worth the intensity I may encounter along the way.

 The gifts I discover while seeking to know my truth far outweigh the fear I encounter while peeling back the layers to self-discovery.

 I’m gonna keep going even though there are times that are both painful and challenging. I’m going to feel my way through the darkness to remember my light. If it weren’t for the darkness I would never be able to see and experience the light of God that is in me and surrounds me at all times.

 Fear is temporary and God is permanent. I trust I am right where I am meant to be to learn, to stretch and to grow. Divine guidance is constant and love is all there is. I choose love. I choose light. I choose to push forward in rediscovering my truth that has been covered by this thing called life.