The Spiritual Meaning Behind Getting Sick

In reality, no one likes getting sick. It's an inconvenience, it’s a pain (literally) and sometimes we just plain don’t have time for it, but it’s a necessary part of life for spiritual growth and evolution.

I’ve noticed many of my friends and family have been catching “the bug” lately, whether it’s the stomach bug, a sinus infection or the common cold. I usually say to them, well, that’s because a major growth is coming your way. Some of them get it while others are less than amused with my matter of fact answer; in fact some were downright angry with me for not reacting the way they’d hoped. I’m OK with it because I realize that when we don’t feel good we are more easily agitated, irritable and sensitive. I try to give them a little space and not take things personally.

So, today I woke up and it’s my turn. I’m not feeling so well but the fact that I don’t feel good brings me a twinge of eagerness. I know that sounds a little batty… that’s OK too! Maybe it’s the bug talking but I’m downright excited to see how and what growth God has in store for me. I am accepting this period of not feeling 100% as a lesson. I will use it as a time to practice my tools in my spiritual toolbox and share with you. 

The fact that I’m not feeling well tells me there is a growth of some type coming. This literally excites me and helps me to accept that while I’m not feeling well, I know something bigger is going on. It’s like when I was young and my legs would hurt for no reason (or so I thought) and my granny would say, those are growing pains shuga, you’re growin! I used to think, well I don’t see anything happening, but boy was she right. It wasn’t until later in life I would realize just how right on she was with that phrase. When we are not feeling well it is life’s way of slowing us down so that we can fully rest and relax into the growth that is coming. 

On a spiritual level, what’s happening is this:

There are literally old layers of accumulated stuff that’s being burned away in order for you to get to your next phase or cycle in life. Your body is purging old cells or cellular memory. It’s quite necessary for evolution. Since we as humans, because we’re so busy, almost never take the essential time to honor our bodies, our bodies, at some point, make us rest and slow down. This is usually when we get sick.

Learning to nurture my body through these periods has been such an eye opener for me. I can feel one of these phases coming on and here’s how it shows up for me: I get emotional, irrational, my thinking gets off and I feel disconnected. Almost like I am here in this world but like I’m watching it rather than living in it. 

So here’s what I do: I double down on my salt baths, I triple my meditations and I try to eat healthfully, exercise and get plenty of rest but hey I’m human and sometimes I get behind on my self care routine and find myself already in the danger zone. 

It’s never to late to start taking care of yourself, so now that I’m not feeling well I will do all the things I mentioned above to nurture myself as well as spend time in my meditation visualizing my healthy body, mind and spirit. I will find delight in life’s simple pleasures. I will slow down; enjoy the sunshine on my face, the wind through my hair, and the feeling of being right where I am meant to be. I think I’m feeling better already. ☺

Acceptance of where I’m at is key to making it through these periods without snapping at someone or being unkind to anyone. Knowing my limits and also respecting my own boundaries is essential for me while feeling less than 100%. 

Knowing when to decline an invite to somewhere or honoring when I need to stay home and take care of myself is crucial and often difficult. Putting into action the steps I need to take to feel better can be a daunting task. Again, I’m human so I am constantly getting opportunities to practice these lessons. I am learning day to day to honor where I’m at and luckily God gives me earth angels in the form of friends who have been such blessings in my life that remind me to take care of myself. Which leads me to my next topic.

Find your soul family or shine tribe to help keep you grounded, remind you who you are and who you came here to be. These people are the ones who after you leave their presence your soul feels full. They inspire you as well as encourage you to be the best you can be. Gather with these people as often as time allows. Make the time to be there for them and to see each other. Cherish these connections, be grateful for them and always be the holder of sacred space for one another. You have something to learn from everyone you cross paths with, it’s remaining openhearted enough to receive the lesson that is the real practice and your shine tribe can help you do this.

Being sick doesn’t have to be a drag… It can be a wonderful time of self-discovery. A chance to be without all the noise of phones, emails and texts bombarding your day-to-day living. If utilized correctly, being sick can be an opportunity for one to disconnect from the world, and reconnect with you. Being sick can sometimes be just what we need to renew, recalibrate and reconstruct our energy in order to come back even stronger and better than before! How do you care for yourself when you’re not feeling well, feel free to comment your favorite home remedies below.